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Revive Minds

"Revive Our Youth" Campaign is in making progress now

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Our Why

"Most Kids are lacking direction, most kids are lacking focus, Most kids are being followers instead of leading the way like they were put on this earth to do. We used to be the same exact way until we woke up and stopped listening to people who we didn't have an interest in the least bit to be like." PRESS PLAY

Revive Minds

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These shirts are so cool and they actually stand for something. I’m all for the youth so Revive Minds is a great movement and idea. 

Michelle Watson

We would like to personally thank Revive Minds for giving our children a better perspective on life and to know what they can be! They love the shirts as well!

Ms. Jennifer Williams

Meet the founder

Christian Kimbrough

Meet the founder Christian Kimbrough, who’s mission is to provide a platform where the youth can share their stories. 

At age 13, he was shot in the head and was told he would never walk, talk, or move his entire right side again by doctors.

Now, he’s speaking at schools, churches and community centers to the youth about his story. How you can be a good kid at the wrong place at the wrong time.

He also has a nonprofit where he provides platforms, organizes events and performs community service for the youth along with his Revive Minds team.